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Expectation and Standards

1. You must not miss practice if you want to run the next scheduled race!

2. Excused absences - They would include: (Provided you clear this with Coach before practice!) If possible your workout will be rescheduled in the morning, or if you can come late to practice. 

Family emergency (If this is a true emergency it may be difficult to let us know before practice, no worries, but parents please just be HONEST and let the coach know as soon as you can.)

3. Please act with integrity and respect your competition and peers at all times

4. Soccer - I like soccer. It is a great game. I realize that soccer may be important to you. I want cross country to be important to you also. I know you can get in shape at soccer practice, but it is not cross country and trying to participate in both is very difficult on a young body. You have chosen to compete in cross country. Only freshman or JV runners may be allowed to miss a Saturday practice for a game, but not every weekend. All varsity runners are expected to be at Saturday practice. If you miss any practice for a soccer game during cross country season you will not be able to compete on our varsity teams. We would expect that you give cross country priority and miss a soccer game if you choose to be part of Newbury Park's cross country team.

5. All injuries should be reported to a coach or captain. If reported to a captain, the captain must then report all injury to the coach. That way we can provide the athlete(s) with the right medical attention.
6. When you put on the Newbury Park uniform you do not just represent the team, you represent the school as well. 

Athletes will train under the guidance of the head coach and will not be coached by an outside club coach or any other type of coach in order to prevent injury and keep the athlete on a healthy and positive training track for the high school season. If parents/guardians have questions regarding training they should contact Coach Brosnan in order to assist in injury prevention and also to maintain a positive parent-athlete relationship while the athlete is engaged in the sport. Training outside of what the coach teaches leads to injury and is also counterproductive to the philosophy of Newbury Park sports. Please just ask questions if you have them. 
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